For families like the Koesters, health care is more than just politicians arguing on cable news. In the year after the kidney transplant, Emily was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma, had her lymph nodes removed from her neck as well as her adenoids, and started chemotherapy. During that same period, she was diagnosed with […]

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Spicer – Rape isn’t anti-immigration scapegoat

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Taylor Hirth “Perfect Victim” Chases Justice

Taylor Hirth and I are curled up on a leather couch at the home of her friend in Kansas City, Missouri. It is late afternoon, and the only light in the room is from the television playing a tape of Taylor, now 31, sitting in a police interview room. I watch her as she scrutinizes […]

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The Misleading Message About Gun Control

My love of target shooting came late in life thanks to a reporting trip to Kentucky in 2013. I was there to cover the ease with which one can purchase a firearm and buckets of bullets, and to hit up a gun show where I could have bought a rifle literally off some guy’s back, no questions […]

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Shaming and Failing

How a Bungled Police Investigation Led to a Possible Rape Victim’s Shaming One sexual-assault kit. Clothing — underwear, dress pants, sport jacket, white shirt and shoes. Four vials of blood. One container of urine. Photos of bruises and abrasions on the woman’s body. Dried secretions, soil and debris, suspected semen and saliva. Matted hair cuttings. […]

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Women & HIV

As the 2016 International AIDS Conference was underway in Durban last month, I was reminded of Florence Buluba, a Ugandan woman I met at the 2012 biennial gathering in Washington, D.C. Buluba ran the National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. Not two years later, I found myself in in Buluba’s office, situated atop one […]

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