The Misleading Message About Gun Control

My love of target shooting came late in life thanks to a reporting trip to Kentucky in 2013. I was there to cover the ease with which one can purchase a firearm and buckets of bullets, and to hit up a gun show where I could have bought a rifle literally off some guy’s back, no questions asked. I went to the range with a buddy of mine, and not only did I have a ball, I found I am also a very good shot. I spent several days at a gun range blowing up watermelons, soda cans, and pineapples. I used several rifles. One was a semi-automatic rifle — or SAR — the weapon of choice of mass shooters. 

Now I go every time I am in Iowa, which is about two or three times a year. It is too expensive to go to a range in Manhattan; otherwise, I would love to go once a month.

I mention this experience to tell you that I am not against guns. I am for gun control.

We have another mass shooting on our hands. The targeted anti-LGBT hate crime terrorist attack in Orlando over the weekend left 49 dead. The shooter had been the subject of two FBI investigations and was placed on a watch list from 2013 to 2014. In the wake of Orlando, there is yet another call for Congress to regulate firearms, something it has failed to do after other mass shootings.

But anytime anyone brings up the possibility of gun control, hysteria breaks out, with gun-rights politicians and activists talking about the need to defend and save the Second Amendment.

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