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Episode 13: Bennington Triangle: Shirley Jackson's Missing Girls The Dead To Me Podcast

Shirley Jackson is one of my favorite authors – dead authors that is. She is famous for her works The Lottery, The Haunting of Hill House, We Have Always Lived at the Castle and scads more. But when living in Southern Vermont with her husband and four kids, a girl goes missing, and Shirley starts writing (not that she ever stopped). Over several years people would simply disappear in the wilderness sometimes referred to as The Bennington Triangle.  Did any of these disappearances influence the subtle, terrifying writings of Jackson? Please subscribe, like and post a (nice) comment if you enjoy this fledgeling podcast.  Patreon  Sources and more! https://www.christianscience.com Joseph Citro:!  https://www.bfro.netRebecca Robinson (SPJ freelancer page):    Other stuff:   
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