Not normal – never normal


This is not normal.

To all the people hand wringing over the Pence thing. First of all you don’t get to have an attack of decency policing in the wake of the most offensive man on earth being voted into office. (BTW: Still waiting for “You Lie” guy to apologize Obama. And, people that aren’t ideological dingleberries don’t expect apologies for people exercising right to free speech because: grow up.)

Meanwhile: Jerry Fallwell Jr. is being considered for education sec’y, trump just settled a fraud lawsuit (where he and his surrogates defrauded the elderly and disabled out of their retirement checks, SS checks and disability checks), he has been chatting on open lines and including family in meetings with foreign leaders who do not have security clearance.

Fake news is actually a thing (see the stunning articles by Brietbart re: women needing to go back to pre-washing machine/pre-pill days to be truly happy —- BREAKING NEWS!!)

He is resoundingly unfit to lead. Crooked HRC? Huh. Looks like child’s play in light of ongoing revelations about trump. Guess what — yall could have survived a 4 year HRC term but you should really ask yourself – can we all survive (some physically or from a respect for US perspective) this?

According to military times survey – 1 in 5 active duty military will not reenlist under Trump (let that one sink in).

He is a racist — if you recoil from that notion then check yourself please.

He is mainstreaming white nationalists (Allt-right? No. Sorry we don’t clean up racists, sexist bullshit round here) His son in law is gaming the system with his insurance company, Oscar, Trump can’t take ribbing from SNL, etc. Really? This is the make America great again guy? People, people, people.

Now is not the time for good people to stand idly by. Women are being harassed, grabbed. Nazi symbols are scrawled across the country. 701 reported hate related incidents have been reported to SPLC since election. There is a problem. This is the problem: trump, fear, white supremacy, misogyny, rinse repeat.

God in charge? You bet — and I have two words for you: Jesus Wept (before he called out Yo, Lazarus). Faith, without works = death.