Women’s Equality Day: Love’s Baby Soft Edition


When I was in middle school everyone wore Love’s Baby Soft.  Despite its pre-pubescent feminine hygiene product smell we all just well, Loved it.  I don’t recall seeing this advertisement when I was a kid.  I got all the favorite mags of the day: Teen, Tiger Beat, Hot Dog.

So today, on Women’s Equality Day I say this:  we never stood a chance.

It goes without saying: Because Innocence Is Sexier Than You Think was the precursor to You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!  

This type of messaging peppered my youth.  Even if I don’t remember seeing this ad I knew it was a sexy thing to wear.  Maybe it was all those Enjoli commercials – bringing home bacon, frying it in a pan, reaffirm husband’s manhood, read to the kids, repeat.

Glued to the hulking floor standing television as much as we were back then I still know the words of the Enjoli commercial at the age of 45.   As an impressionable young 9-year-old, with friends getting training bras and wearing heeled clogs, Enjoli (et.al) had a huge impact on my perception of what it was really like to be a woman.

I was raised by one of the biggest feminists you would ever hope to meet but the magical television knew something my Mom clearly didn’t.  If only I could get ahold of some spray on scent I would be in clogs and a bra in no time.

There is nothing sexy about a little girl in make up clutching a teddy bear.  The focus group on this promotion had to be peopled with pedophiles.

Fortunately the disturbing messaging via Love’s Baby Soft [insert product or media here] has worked its way out of our system.  For the most part, that is.  We are fortunate to have legion media critics who are feminists.  We have watch-dog groups that call out sexist nonsense every single day. There is nothing PC about calling out sexism for what it is.

So I am thrilled it is Women’s Equality Day.  We get a day.  And though we have come a long way, there is just no letting up.